Lunar New Year Shipping Delays

Lunar New Year is approaching and is the most important holiday observed overseas. During this time, the overseas supply chain and shipping will be interrupted. Our goal is to make the impact as minimal as possible for our sellers and we ask for your understanding during this time.

Below are some important dates to note.

Pause shipping:
  • January 4 - 4% of overseas products will pause shipping
  • January 13 to 19 - 98% of overseas products will pause shipping 
  • January 20 to 28 - No processing or shipping on overseas orders
    Resume shipping:
    • January 29 - 56% overseas products will resume processing, but may initially experience some delay due to order backlog
    • February 6 - 96% overseas products will resume normal delivery
    • February 10 - 100% overseas products will resume normal delivery


      US Products

      US orders will NOT be affected by the holiday and we have many different launches and promotions planned to offset our overseas delays! You can find the US products here

      January 12 - Judy Blue Flash Sale (more info will be sent when we get closer to the sale)

      January 16 to 26 - We will have 30 new Luxe styles dropping every weekday

      January 20 - Doorbusters 40 styles (more info will be sent when we get closer to the promo)


      Inventory depth will also be increased to sustain your business through the holiday and beyond!

      Thank you for your support as we continue to evolve for the success of all business owners. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Customer Support team via
      The Madsbay Team
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