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Made To Order Clothing Explained in Fewer than 500 words

Made to Order Clothing is a new trend in the fashion world.

It's not a new concept, but the name and application has changed through the years. Made to Order clothing is one of the most sustainable ways for fashion and a great tool for retailers to use.

Everyday, we go to the mall and see that there are only five types of dresses or pants to pick. You are not a unique personality if you only choose from the same dresses everyday. However, because manufacturing process becomes more and more automatic, it can solve this problem for us. Made to order clothing made on a custom order instead of mass production will result in a more sustainable way for our wardrobe.

Why is made to order clothing good for the environment?

Made to order is a manufacturing method that reduces excess fabric, wasted time and materials, and money. What is involved with made to order clothing? First of all, it is important to understand what the made-to-order process is. When you contact your supplier and describe the style that you are looking for, the manufacturer works with you to determine what fabrics will be best suited to produce your clothing. After deciding on the fabrics, the pattern maker will create a pattern to your specifications. You can then approve or deny the pattern before it goes into production. If you decide on changes based on the pattern, it will be adjusted accordingly so that you are always satisfied with your end product.

These items are not mass produced, which means that you can customize everything on the garment. Mass produced clothes are not sustainable as there's a lot of waste involved with the inventory at hand to manage, while made to order clothing is the opposite. 

What are the advantages of Made to Order Clothing?

Made to order clothing can offer significant advantages to both the clothes makers and the customers. Many who buy custom-made clothing do so because they had a bad experience with standard fast-fashion garments. Made-to-order clothing avoids many of the problems that stem from mass manufacturing.

Why there is a Made to Order Clothing trend right now?

MTO or Made to Order clothing has exploded in popularity lately. Designers and merchants now offer clothes that are manufactured just for your order. Some people find these items cheaper than other clothing stores while others like the additional features. 

You might be surprised to see just how many custom-clothing businesses there are today – this is thanks to the rise in popularity of the Made to Order method. At its core, Made to Order focuses on filling orders for customers one at a time.


Made to order clothing has a lot of perks, making it an ideal solution for many textile and clothing companies. Without it, online clothing companies would be forced to settle for multiple production runs a year for all of the unique designs they offer or stick with popular designs; neither of these options are ideal.

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