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How It Works: a blog about the Madsbay business model

How It Works: a blog about the Madsbay business model

The Madsbay business model is different from just about every other ecommerce company. We're a unique made-to-order, on-demand sustainable fashion store. Instead of buying brands’ products wholesale, we work directly with factories to make what you want, when and how you want it, with no hidden charges or markups and a fraction of the waste. And best of all, we can take orders in real time (i.e. literally 24/7/365), ensuring that you get your goods fast and more accurately than ever before without compromising on ethical standards or style.

So what does this mean for you? Customized sustainability at its finest.

Madsbay was built on the idea of creating a sustainable option for fast fashion.

All of our garments are made-to-order, so there's no excess inventory or waste.

How it works

The first step is sourcing, we are a responsible company that makes sure all our raw materials are sourced from ethical and sustainable places or people around the world. Our suppliers are as much sustainable as we all are, and have been approved by us, so you can be sure that your clothes were made with love and care.

The second step is production, once an order is placed we start the production process by turning the raw materials into fabric, then cutting and sewing and sending it off to you! Because of this way of working we don't have any excess inventory and can produce on demand in smaller quantities.

The company is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of sustainability.

We want to make the world a better place. That's what Madsbay is all about. We're committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of sustainability in fashion, and we work hard every day to do our part.

We do this through a company-wide commitment to sustainable practices, by partnering with brands that share that same commitment, and by working with various organizations that further our shared vision of a better world through sustainable fashion.

But what does that mean in practice? How do we actually achieve those goals? Let's look at our model for success:

Sustainable Sourcing. We work only with brands that have a proven track record for using sustainable practices in their sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution processes. We also require those partners to regularly report on their progress and take active steps to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the lives of the people who produce their products.

Transparency & Accountability. When you buy from us, you can feel confident knowing exactly where your clothes are coming from—and who's producing them! All of our suppliers are required to be transparent about their sourcing practices and ensure that their entire supply chain is held accountable for meeting sustainability standards.

We use fewer resources and chemicals by printing and hand-dyeing only the products that are ordered, rather than producing bulk inventory and overproducing.

Our team uses less water by washing our clothing using a special method that is effective but uses much less water than traditional industrial methods.

All of the clothing you see on Madsbay is created locally by skilled artisans who are paid a fair wage and adhere to health and safety standards.

The team behind Madsbay are on a mission to make sustainable clothing the new normal, and they don't stop until they've succeeded!

We're a group of people who have been working in the fashion industry for years, and we've watched the industry get more and more unsustainable. We've seen mountains of textile waste pile up, not to mention the enormous carbon footprint that fast-fashion has left on our planet.

Now we're on a mission to make sustainable clothing the new normal. Along the way, we've had to make some tough decisions and get creative about what makes the most sense for their business—and for the planet.

We want you to know exactly how we do it, so here's a breakdown of our business model.

First, we don't put any clothes on our site unless they're from an ethical source. Our goal is to make sure every item in our store has a story that can be told without shame or guilt, which is why we have a strict policy of upholding human rights at every stage of production. We only work with companies that have clear policies against forced labor and who pay fair wages—and all of our materials are sourced in keeping with this policy as well.

And we don't stop there! We also prioritize making sure that our products are made with sustainable materials and techniques. For example, we source organic cotton whenever possible because it requires less water than regular cotton and doesn't use pesticides or toxic chemicals in its growth process (both of which can cause harm to local ecosystems). Plus, it's super soft! We also make sure all of our packaging is environmentally-friendly by using recycled


Made-to-order, on-demand manufacturing is the future of fashion because it reduces waste, produces less pollution and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional manufacturing processes.

As factories produce more, and people buy more, the amount of outwear we have in our closets continues to grow. It often sits there unused, as fashion is notoriously fickle and trends come and go. This leads to an excess of clothing, which in turn results in wasted resources. If you buy something that doesn't fit you, it might be harder to sell it—you don't want to lose money on something. And then there's the time involved in cleaning your clothing or throwing it away if it's outdated or damaged. When you think about these things, made-to-order, on-demand manufacturing suddenly sounds a lot better. Every item is custom-made for someone, and every piece of clothing has the potential to be used until it falls apart. Let's hope more manufacturers will begin using this method in the future!

If you're curious about Made-to-Order, on-demand manufacturing you should sign up for our newsletter and we'll send you more information.

We're hoping that by explaining how our made-to-order manufacturing works, we'll be able to educate more people about the process. If our customer base grows, so will demand for better manufacturing processes—and in time, manufacturers will develop new machines to automate certain aspects of their production lines. This can only be a good thing for the environment, and should reduce pollution and waste around the world.

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