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Addicted to Sustainability In Fashion? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Just Can't Stop.

Sustainability and fashion. You can't talk about one without the other. The two are inextricably linked, and we're obsessed.

Addicted to Sustainability In Fashion? Us Too.

We just can't stop thinking about the fashion industry and its future—and we don't mean in an "I'm calling my therapist" kind of way. We mean more like, "How can we make sure that fashion is sustainable?"

Luckily, we are not alone in this thought. The world has a lot of people who are interested in the same thing!

It's no secret that the industry is taking steps to make sustainability front-and-center these days—and brands like Madsbay (us!) have been doing it since day one. But there are a few reasons why we just can't get enough of this stuff. Here are six:

Sustainability means you won't be contributing to the waste problem.

Sustainability means you won't be contributing to the waste problem. It's really hard to believe that over $130 billion worth of clothing goes unused every year—that's more than $17 million worth of clothes thrown out PER DAY. But it's true. The reason? Fast fashion—companies make clothes in bulk, at cheap prices, and hope they sell fast enough to stay afloat. That's why they don't mind making tons of clothes and throwing them in the trash if they don't sell fast enough (or even if they do!). Fast fashion is an approach to clothing design where styles change rapidly and are inspired by current trends. This means that each season, new clothing designs are manufactured and released into stores across the globe, and retailers compete with one another for consumer attention in what can only be described as a frenzied shopping environment.

This can have a huge impact on the planet. The average American throws out more than 81 pounds of clothing per year—that amounts to more than 12 million tons of material that ends up in landfills every year. That's enough to cover Texas—twice!

Sustainability is about changing the way we think about manufacturing so that it isn't wasteful or harmful to the planet. And that's how our company is different: we only make clothes using a made-to-order approach, so there's no waste involved.

So what does made-to-order mean? Essentially, we don't make anything until you place an order for it. This means every single piece of clothing we produce is something a customer wants. There's no guesswork involved, which means we don't have to overproduce—meaning no excess inventory to end up in landfills or be burned off in a fire (yes, this actually happens).

When you buy from us, you're getting something that's been made without waste—and that means you're not contributing to the waste problem.

Producing sustainable clothes uses less energy, which is better for the environment.

Sustainable fashion is made with materials that are less harmful to the environment or are more durable. Manufacturing sustainable clothing uses less energy, which is better for the environment. And by using more durable materials and designing clothing that lasts, we can reduce the amount of clothes we buy.

It's better for the environment.

Whether you're wearing organic cotton, a piece made from recycled plastic bottles, or something that has been produced using solar power, you're doing your part to protect the earth.

It helps to save water.

A lot of energy and water goes into creating fashion items—which is kind of a big deal considering how many people could be fed with all that food we've grown with all that water we've used to produce all those clothes no one will wear more than once (but we'll get to that in a minute). Sustainable clothing takes up much less water, which is great for everyone on the planet.

It's not just better for the planet—sustainable clothing also helps us feel more confident, whether it's because they are ethically made or because they don't fall apart after a few washes.

There's no wrong way to be sustainable.

Supporting sustainability in fashion means you're supporting artisans.

People who are into sustainability in fashion are often artists themselves. Wearing clothes that have been made with care and love just makes us feel like we're supporting the arts, and it's a thrill!

We get the chance to support artisans all over the world when we support sustainable fashion. We love knowing that our clothes were made by someone who really has a passion for what they do, and we can't get enough of that feeling.

When we wear clothes made by artists, we also feel like we're more inspired to create ourselves. We've noticed that we just can't stop making things after putting on a dress that was handmade in India!

If you're one of these people who just loves shopping for sustainable fashion, then you know exactly what we're talking about. And if you haven't gotten into it yet? Well… you should give it a try first and see how you feel.

Sustainable clothing lines make pieces that are meant to last.

Sustainable clothing is made to last. With fast fashion, you're lucky if your clothes make it through a single season without falling apart. Sustainable pieces are made with fabric that's meant to last, so you can wear them for years instead of weeks.

You get more bang for your buck. Sure, sustainable clothing items can be a bit more expensive than their fast-fashion alternatives. But when you consider the fact that they'll last longer and stay in style longer, you're getting a better value for your money with sustainable pieces than with fast-fashion ones.

Sustainably produced clothing is made without child labor or slave labor.

Sustainably-produced clothing is made without using child labor or slave labor, and the workers in the factories that make it are paid a fair wage, not a pittance. Sustainability also means making sure workers have safe working conditions and are protected against being exploited. It also means that the products are made to last and that they aren't produced in such excess that they end up as landfill waste.

Child labor and slave labor are more common than you might think—and that's not even including the mentally-taxing work typical of the fashion industry (which, when it's safe and fair, is totally fine). But because a lot of companies don't want to pay for things like good working conditions, they contract with factories that force children and slaves to produce their clothes. No one should have to buy clothing made by kids in sweatshops, right? We feel so strongly about this that we guarantee our clothes are not produced by child or slave labor.

When you buy sustainable clothing, you're saying "YES!" to local businesses, fair wages for workers, safer working conditions, and no child or slave labor.

You're saying yes to eliminating sweatshops and fast fashion industry giants by supporting small businesses instead. You're saying yes to protecting animal rights! You're saying yes to reducing

Sustainability in fashion is becoming more accessible than ever before.

It’s no secret: sustainability in fashion is becoming more accessible than ever before.

And it’s about time. Sustainability in fashion is here to stay.

Madsbay has worked hard to bring you the most sustainable clothing options possible, and it turns out the more we do it, the more we can't stop.

It's a good thing, though! Here's why sustainability in fashion is so addicting:

1) There's nothing like wearing clothes that make you feel good—like an amazing outfit, but on a deeper level. With Madsbay, you're wearing clothes that are better for the environment and better for workers, because you know where they came from and how they got to you.

2) Sustainability in fashion isn't just about what you wear—it's about what goes on behind-the-scenes of your favorite brands. We're committed to making sure our supply chain practices match our values, and that means you can feel comfortable knowing exactly where your clothes come from. We're proud of our practices and excited to share them with customers who care as much as we do!

Takeaway: You don't need to feel guilty about your shopping habits anymore, because there are so many ways to shop sustainably now.

We know it's hard to stop, but we just can't.

Addiction is, of course, a serious topic, and we're definitely not making light of the struggles that so many people face. But addiction to sustainable fashion? We aren't sorry about that one bit.

But how addicted to sustainable fashion are we? We're soooooo addicted! Like, we think about it all the time. Honestly, it's an obsession. We love that the industry has made it easier than ever to shop your values, and these days, we feel so good about the purchases we make—not like in the old days when you'd buy a new blouse from some retailer who didn't care about anything but money and you'd just have to feel guilty about it for the rest of your life.

Fortunately there is no need to feel guilty about our consumption habits anymore. We can shop for fashionable and sustainable clothes, bags and accessories in the many ways that we have now discovered in this article and we can do so guilt-free. These are very exciting times for the fashion industry and things look set to get even better in the future.

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