8 Pieces To Add To Your Activewear Collection

8 Pieces To Add To Your Activewear Collection

8 Pieces To Add To Your Activewear Collection

I run. I do yoga. I lift weights. And some days, I don't feel like doing any of those things because my legs are sore and I'm too lazy to go to the gym. Excuses, excuses, excuses. But when you show up to pick your butt off the couch and head out the door, your attitude changes entirely when you're wearing an outfit that not only fits into your goals, but makes you look good while working towards them. Madsbay has a great variety of activewear for women which can be utilized for a multitude of activities; although for this blog post, we'll be focusing on 8 specific pieces that will most certainly improve your workout routine!

Crisscross Back Scoop Neck Sports Bra

Crisscross Back Scoop Neck Sports Bra

Our best-selling sports bra for active women and girls, our Crisscross Back Scoop Neck Sports Bra is known for its high performance, comfort and incredible fit. Its adjustable crisscross back allows you to achieve the perfect fit while its pull-over styling makes it simple to wear under any top.

The ideal sports bra for yoga and high impact activities, this moisture-wicking piece is made of a soft, stretchy fabric that feels as light as air. Designed with a racerback and crisscross straps, this bra gives you the support you need without restricting or flattening your chest.

You can buy this sports bra here.

Whether you're looking for a sports bra to run in, play basketball in, or just lounge around in, we've got you covered. Our activewear collection has a huge range of options that are sure to fit your needs.

High Waist Training Shorts

High Waist Training Shorts

It's time to get active!

Whether you're working out or just hanging out on your couch, these high-waisted, 5’ inseam shorts are a must-have. They're made from super stretchy material that will keep you comfortable all day long. We love the hidden pocket on the side—just make sure to keep your phone safe!

They're made of lightweight fabric that will keep you cool while you work up a sweat—so you can focus on the task at hand, not your discomfort.

Buy Here

Basic Active Leggings

Basic Active Leggings

You're a whole new you, and you deserve the best. That's why we created the Basic Active Leggins.

We know that when you're running, cycling, or just hanging out, you want your clothes to feel like they're not even there. And that's exactly what we've given you in this legging—a super-skin-friendly fabric that allows you to move without restriction and feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

And with a high waist designed to support your waist better than any other leggings on the market, these are perfect for both exercise and everyday life. If it's good enough for the runway, it's good enough for us!

So get out there and be your best self! Buy here

Active Cropped Tee Shirt

Active Cropped Tee Shirt - icy white zoomed out

Get ready to hit the ground running—literally.

The Active Cropped Tee Shirt is a comfortable, feminine and relaxed cropped tee that enhances breezy comfort. Ideal for morning runs and low-impact workouts, the lightweight fabric is both soft and breathable.

True to size and roomy, this t-shirt has a loose fit that allows air flow during exercise. It's perfect for lounging around in too!

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High Waist Joggers with Pockets

High Waist Joggers with Pockets

With all the events of this past year, joggers have become a staple piece of clothing in everyone's closet. A super-slimming high-waist and soft material make these great for running errands or working out.

These joggers are made from a super soft cotton fabric that will keep you feeling comfortable all day long. The high waist elastic band and slimming design will not only slim your silhouette but also create a flattering effect on your legs and hips.

The slimming effect comes from the high waist elastic band which creates a smooth line under tops while giving your body a slimmer appearance. You can wear these joggers with anything from tops to denim!

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Basic V-Neck Active Tank

V Neck Active Tank

When it comes to activewear, there are a few basic pieces that you'll want to have in your closet. The first is a v-neck cropped tank. Sultry meets dependable in this seamless v-neck cropped active tank. With a build bra, there is no need to deal with unwanted, visible bra straps. Although perfect for a light-medium impact workout, this top is elegant enough to wear out!

You'll also want an infinity scarf that can double as a headband or cowl. It's made with soft microfiber material and has a built-in wire holder so you can easily wrap it around your neck or head without worrying about getting tangled up.

Finally, you need a pair of leggings that will make all your other leggings jealous. These leggings are made from eco-friendly materials and are designed with flattering seams that accentuate curves while providing support where needed most (like around hip flexors).

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You can find our active tank top collection here.

High-Waisted Biker Shorts

High Waist Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are an essential for any wardrobe.

High-waisted biker shorts work well for a variety of looks, and they're the perfect thing to wear on those days when you don't feel like wearing leggings or tights. They are also great for layering over longer tops.

Biker shorts are especially effective if you have a smaller waist and larger hips, since they will help to balance out your silhouette.

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There are so many different styles available now—high-waisted, mid-rise, low-rise...the list goes on! If you want to add some biker shorts to your collection but aren't sure where to start, check out our collection here.

Active Elbow Sleeve Top

Black Active Elbow Sleeve Top

Upgrade your yoga game with this active elbow sleeve top. Cut from ultra-soft, sweat-wicking materials, the elbow sleeve top is enhanced with gentle pressure on the body to provide a comfortable feel while you exercise. Wear it as part of your flow yoga class or out at brunch during an off day.

This round-necked tank is designed to make sure your workouts are as comfortable as they are stylish. It has a built-in elbow sleeve that provides gentle pressure on the body and helps prevent irritation from friction and chafing. It's also cut from breathable materials that help keep you cool and dry during hot workouts.

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If you're a gym rat or athlete, there's no question that you should have a few pieces of activewear in your closet that are specifically designed for your needs. Whether you're working out to shed pounds or improve your times and endurance, odds are you want to proudly wear your dedication to fitness. And with Madsbay activewear, you can do just that. With fits and styles for every woman that are both functional and stylish, these pieces can help improve your performance in the gym, on the track, or on the court.

Madsbay offers a variety of tops, bottoms, jackets, and accessories designed to help you get through your workout with ease—and look good doing it! It doesn't matter if you're an avid runner or just try to get in some cardio at the gym once in awhile; there's something here for everyone.

View our full Activewear collection here

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